Introducing the Quick Change 6-speed transaxle conversion

February 3, 2016


Another industry first for PPG is the introduction of a high performance, sequential-shift, 6-speed gearbox that can be installed on the rear of a Winters Quick Change diff. This innovative new bolt-on unit from PPG ingeniously converts the widely used motorsport component into an efficient and compact transaxle assembly.


Previously, the Quick Change diff has been used with conventional front-engine, in-line, rear-drive configurations. Now, for the very first time, PPG’s gearbox conversion provides the option to turn a traditional format driveline into a contemporary transaxle set-up, with the added advantage of a 6-speed, motorsport specification, sequential-shift system - all part of the package.


The PPG bolt-on unit comes as a complete transaxle assembly, or as a fully-built gearbox and casing for straight forward installation. It is fitted with a motorsport-derived barrel sequential-shift system, incorporating the industry-leading Gill Blade 360˚non-contact rotary sensor that provides highly accurate gear position indication and super-fast shifting.


Winters Performance Products has been manufacturing transmission components since 1958 and, in the 1980s, developed its first open tube, live axle. Using a design that could handle the excessive loads generated in high-power, high-torque situations, the company has continued to create products for a variety of motorsport applications, including NASCAR, Late Model Racing, land speed trials, off road raids, Pikes Peak, Drag and even Tractor Pulling.

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