PPG’s Subaru sequential system increases in popularity

April 11, 2016


Since its release last year, PPG’s high-performance, 6-speed sequential dog-engagement gear system for Subaru Impreza models fitted with an OEM 6-speed gearbox, has proved extremely popular across a range of applications.


The PPG system is designed to cope with the demands of top-level motorsport and has regularly proved its capability with numerous successes around the world in various forms of motorsport. However, because it directly replaces the standard 6-speed Subaru Impreza internals, fits inside the original OE casings and uses and a rod system that results in positive and effortless gearshifts, it’s proving a popular choice for owners that want to use their road-car for something more exciting at weekends.


Fitted with PPG’s micro-barrel selector system and again, a Gill Blade 360° rotary position sensor, the whole package allows for extremely compact installation. Actuation is performed using a unique low-friction dual ball-bearing billet aluminium gear lever, which is universally designed to fit in either LHD or RHD configurations and can be installed close to the steering wheel. Operating via a load cell that functions in both tension and compression modes, the system provides a flat up-shift and a throttle-blip during down-shift.


Part number SU-6S6GSEQ-GA, the PPG Subaru 6-speed gear set can be used for race, rally, sprint, hill climb and Time Attack applications and meets regulations for Open Class, USA & Canada Rally Championships, World Time Attack and a range of domestic motorsport series’ in various countries.  And, with PPG’s legendary reliability, unrivalled performance and durability built in, it may come as a surprise that this market leading gear system is available at a very realistic price.

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