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Please contact your local dealer in your region to discuss this product further, including price and to arrange purchase.

The PPG SU-6S4GV2DB-GA 1st-4th Drag Gear Set to suit the OEM Subaru 6 speed casing is a drag racing specific gear set only. Featuring huge gears, this set is the perfect drivetrain upgrade for manual transmission powered Subaru's heading into the  7 second ET bracket.

The Pfitzner SU-6S4GV2DB-GA 4-speed Drag racing gear set has been developed for SUBARU WRX STI 6 speed gearbox. It has a 26-spline 2-piece input shaft along with its dog-tooth profile and straight cut gears enables it to handle dramatic increases in power - as well as cope with the stresses caused by the harsh acceleration and excessive levels of grip that are experienced only in Drag racing – especially in the case of four-wheel-drive cars.


The gear set has been designed to provide drivers with instant gear selection, clutch-less shifting and a perfect ratio combination that is matched to the final-drive, wheel and tyre sizes – qualities that make it ideal for Drag racing. However, before being offered for sale, the SU-6S4GV2DB-GA system was put through a rigorous test and development programme and then proven in live motorsport conditions to ensure it would cope with the extreme demands of this category of motorsport.


PPG’s arduous prototyping process gives its products their legendary strength, durability and reliability. Therefore, the SU-6S4GV2DB-GA  gear set and final drive delivers an outstanding performance at a realistic price and is the only transmission system that has RATIO - 3.077 - 1.875 - 1.350 - 0.957 been able to propel a SUBARU STI WRX  over a quarter-mile into 7-second times. No wonder it is regarded as the best of its kind and is now the product of choice for Drag racers who use Subaru's – some of them running engines that produce well in excess of 1000hp!



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