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Please contact your local dealer in your region to discuss this product further, including price and to arrange purchase.

The GSS series of miniature load cells are fitted into the gearbox control rod and designed for use in clutchless gearshift applications. During the gearchange sequence the driver moves the gear lever as normal, the GSS series load cell detects the force applied to the gear shift lever, this force is measured by the ECU, then a series of control events take place that allows the gears to mesh with full throttle still applied.

Download Data Sheet - CLICK HERE

  • Miniature Size

  • ±500N or ±1000N Range

  • Ruggedised Construction

  • 5V or 8-16V Supply

  • M6 thread Standard

  • ±1% Accuracy

Typical application include: Gearshift - Suspension - Steering - Pedal Force - General Testing


    Please note pricing is in USD

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