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When PPG sets out to design a sequential gear system, it does so with an all-encompassing approach to produce

products that offer ultimate performance on every level: from the moment the driver touches the shift-lever, to

the delivery of power right through the gearbox.

With a speed of operation usually only found in F1-type applications, PPG’s sequential systems integrate with

modern 32-bit ECUs to provide closed loop strategies that are capable of providing sub-70ms gear shifts. This

impressive speed of operation gives the PPG system a unique advantage over its competitors, optimising the shift

phase to allow the return of power through the transmission as soon as the dog is pre-engaged.

This function can only take place by using the most advanced of measurement sensors available: the GILL Blade

360° rotary position sensor. This state-of-the-art measuring device allows PPG’s Subaru sequential gear system

to map and track absolute position of the dog-rings to provide levels of barrel and selector position accuracy that

were previously unobtainable. It also supplies next-gear stable calibration tables with precise and repeatable data.

By achieving a seamless shift phase - coupled with low-energy strategies - the PPG system circumvents a

requirement for 100% ignition cuts when the gear change is made, meaning that many of the forces that unsettle

a chassis during a gear-change operation are eliminated. This results in a far more balanced and predictable

handling car and consequently, a better overall performance.

An added bonus of the seamless shifting process by using low-friction, low-mass components, is the reduction

of wear and noise - factors that clearly indicate efficient mechanical operation. This also makes gear-shifting

effortless, thereby minimising driver fatigue and the eventuality of missed gears if not enough force is applied.

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