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We are proud to introduce our latest new product for 2020. Extending our ever-increasing Honda range, which includes our successful K & B-Series gear sets.  The all new L-Series, Heavy Duty Synchro gear set is based on the latest 10th Generation Honda Civic Si 1.5l Turbo.


The L-Series Synchro Gearset has been designed from scratch with the intent to not only make a strong high performance gearset, but also address some of the known issues with the OEM gearbox.


The PPG L-Series gear set supplies a straight cut 1st gear with helical gears, 2nd, 3rd & 4th. The 1st gear synchro design has been refined to operate  smoothly  which enables the elimination of premature wear.  A characteristic seen in the OEM gearbox.

The L-Series gear set ratios -  

  • 1st - 2.857   2nd - 1.933   3rd - 1.350    4th - 1.000


The PPG L-Series gear ratios have been optimised to maximise vehicle performance. Optimised gear ratios allow for minimal boost and RPM drop per gear.


  • All prices are in US Dollars  

  • 2017-2020 Civic Si

    2016-2020 1.5t Civic Manual

    2017-2020 Sport Hatch Manual

Please note pricing is in USD

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