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Please contact your local dealer in your region to discuss this product further, including price and to arrange purchase.

Used to propel the fastest 4wd 4 cylinder on earth, this PPG  product is rated at over 1000hp and far exceeds anything else available in the market for earlier model 4G63 powered FWD and 4WD cars.


Also popular amongst Rally, Circuit and Street builds with its reliability and ease of shifting, this is the ultimate upgrade for increased performance and reliability.


RATIO - 3.125 - 2.031 - 1.470 - 1.080 - STD (Optional PPG 5th Straight Cut Dog Option 0.792 Ratio)


    • The gearbox bell housing snout needs to be internally machined to clear the outside of the larger EVO 4-9 clutch spline supplied.
    • An oem cast steel 1st/2nd selector fork should be used; double roll pinning both 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th forks to the selector rail is always good practice.
    • A 5th fork locator will be supplied to orientate the 5th selector fork if you choose not to run the oem 5th gear.
    • The oem top hat used with the PPG diff body will require a slight skim on the OD to ensure it clears the PPG 4th gear output once assembled.
    • Must use 3rd/4th  rail with oem part number MD749456
    • Fill with Motul 75w-140 Gear Competition Oil

Please note pricing is in USD

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