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Designed for motorsport, enthusiasts and professionals, our gearboxes have been rigorously tested and proven in demanding conditions. Experience the power of engineering excellence as we unveil the extraordinary features of our latest innovation.

Preassembled Convenience:

Get back into your car faster with our preassembled gearbox. Say goodbye to painstaking assembly processes and enjoy the time-saving convenience of a gearbox that's ready to unleash its full potential. Simply bolt on your transfer case, connect the shifter and fill with oil and you’re good to go!

Enhanced Bearing Design:

Engineered for strength that surpasses OEM standards, these robust bearings ensure that your gearbox can withstand the most rigorous racing conditions.

Billet Case with Heat Sink Functionality:

This thick-walled case not only provides unparalleled strength and rigidity but also acts as a heat sink, dissipating heat and enhancing the cooling efficiency of the gearbox.

Versatile Sensor Options:

Customize your racing experience with a range of optional sensors designed to elevate your performance. From input and output speed sensors to oil temperature and oil condition sensors, PPG offers versatility like never before.

Improved Shifter Design:

Experience a gear-shifting revolution with our improved shifter design. Shorter. Sharper. Smoother. PPG has reengineered the shifter to provide a tactile experience like no other. With every shift, feel the connectio giving you the responsiveness and control you need to conquer every twist and turn of the track.



Electronic Lockout Solenoid:

Leave the old ways behind with our upgraded reverse lockout solenoid. Say goodbye to cumbersome cable mechanisms and hello to improved reliability and efficiency. The enhanced functionality of our solenoid ensures smooth transitions from 1st Gear to Neutral. This prevents accidentally selecting neutral when aggressively down shifting. Ergonomically located in the top of the gearknob.


Dual Pickup Oil Pump:

Featuring a flexible installation that allows it to be mounted on either side, our oil pump design optimizes functionality, ensuring a steady flow of lubricant to critical components. Return port is direct to the input shaft.


Enhanced Rigidity for Better Performance:

Feel the difference with our enhanced rigidity. Designed to provide a superior tactile experience, our gearboxes offer increased rigidity that translates to improved control and precision.


Dual Channel Gear Position Sensor:

Redundancy meets precision with our dual-channel gear position sensor. Engineered for reliability and accuracy, this innovative sensor provides an additional layer of functionality, ensuring gear position monitoring even in case of a failure.


Step into the winner's circle with Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (PPG). Experience unrivaled durability, precision, and performance with our meticulously engineered gearboxes. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can have the best. Join the ranks of motorsport champions and choose PPG to elevate your racing experience to new heights. Get in touch with us today and unleash the power of engineering excellence. Your path to victory starts here.



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