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Please contact your local dealer in your region to discuss this product further, including price and to arrange purchase.

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox was one of the first to manufacture this heavy duty  helical synchro gearset for the new Nissan R35 GTR. With massive worldwide popularity this direct replacement gearset  has proved to be a winner in every application it has been used . 

From Drag Strip to Hill Climb to World Time Attack it has achieved great results with consistence reliability from a product that is designed and produced in-house at our Australian Factory. 

The R35 GTR gearset  requires no computer re-programming and comes with factory gear ratio's, Motorsport grade steels are used in the wider gear profiles that are designed for strength , durability and quite operations. Pfitzner also treat every component to a unique heat treatment process and surface finishing processes that give the PPG product its unique appearance.  

This set is designed for street and circuit applications and sets the benchmark in terms of quiet noise operation for everyday driving.

Note: Various R35 heavy duty upgrade kits are also available separately if the full set is not required. 



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