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Become a PPG Distributor and join a global partnership


Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes is currently inviting businesses in selected territories the opportunity to become a PPG Distributor. Successful applicants will be awarded a contract to stock, promote and sell its extensive range of high performance products, as well as provide technical back-up supported by PPG.

Why choose PPG

Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes has earned a reputation for producing the most durable automotive gear sets in the world. This accolade has been achieved through innovative design coupled with technologically advanced engineering and manufacturing processes.

Before every product is offered for sale, each is put through an extensive test and development programme. This has seen participation in demanding conditions, such as those encountered in Endurance sports car racing, the World Rally Championship, Drag Racing, Time Attack and Off Road – plus a range of other motor sports where durability is the key to success. PPG is proud of its reputation for using only the best quality materials. This includes high-grade aerospace quality steel and its carefully guarded method of heat-treating surfaces – a process that gives PPG components their unique and outstanding virtues.

Pfitzner’s continuous re-investment and its ISO 9001-2015 accreditation ensures it maintains the quality of its products throughout its superior manufacturing processes and thereby endorses its envied position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of high performance gear sets.

PPG Distributor Programme

The PPG Distributor Programme has been created to help new dealers meet the high standards expected of a PPG distributor and assist the development of strong and open partner relationships.

The programme is designed to provide a strong focus on sales and service and to enable faster reaction times to market forces. This in turn will offer better long-term customer and end-user satisfaction and generate value and integrity within the distributor network. The programme is also designed to increase brand awareness and to continually promote PPG’s ever-increasing product range.

PPG’s core objective is to manufacture the finest gear components in the world that deliver high performance consistently and reliably. It is therefore the role of the distributor to continue this philosophy beyond the factory, right through to the end user.


PPG is committed to support its distributors as much as it can, whether it’s a sales, stock, technical or promotional item.

Marketing collateral such as images, logos and banners are available on request. PPG is also able to assist with marketing activities at an additional cost.

This includes: PR, banners, posters and printed materials etc.

Further information is available on request. Please see contact details below.


To apply to become a PPG distributor please contact PPG Operations Director David Gammon, who will discuss in more detail the opportunities on offer and the criteria required to become a PPG distributor.

David Gammon

M: +44 7715 110 462

O: +44 1773 783 339

Terms & Conditions

PPG will only select a limited number of top-class distributor program members. This ensures the development of regional markets in each distributor area and therefore, provides an opportunity to add ongoing value to each business. Dealers must comply with the criteria as set out in this document. If they cannot meet these requirements, or are deemed to be unsuitable, Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes reserves the right to revoke Distributor Program member status (without notice), together with preferential pricing, discounts and other special offers and benefits. All Distributor Program partners will be monitored to ensure the requirements of association are met and performed to the satisfaction of Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes.

PPG Distributor Programme

• Preferential pricing at ‘better than trade’ rates

• Special offer discounts

• New product and service bulletins issued on a regular basis

• Access to the PPG’s global sponsorship program for high value, high profile clients

• Promotion of the members’ company via the PPG website

Continual development of promotional and sales strategies

What it takes to become a Distributor

Because PPG sets extremely high standards in design, engineering and manufacture, it expects its

distributors to follow suit. Therefore, only companies that comply with the following criteria will be selected.

To take advantage of the Distributor Programme benefits, dealers must:

• Uphold the Pfitzner Performance Gearbox name and brand at all times

• Actively promote Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes brand and product range

• Operate a good-quality website which markets PPG products. The PPG logo must be displayed with a

   link to the official PPG website

• Show professionalism, loyalty and integrity

• Commit to achieving annual revenue targets

• Posses a high level of technical expertise

• Have the resources available to provide and maintain excellent customer service

• Possess a good reputation within their industry sector

• Advertise that an exclusive PPG partnership is held

• If involved with motorsport, it is expected that the dealer will carry PPG identity on competing cars

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