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Motul Oils
With lubricants a crucial factor in the reliability and performance of transmission components, PPG has formed a worldwide technical partnership with industry leading lubricants company Motul Oils. The two companies now work closely together combining their expertise and knowledge to jointly enhance the performance and capabilities of their products. VIDEO

Gill Sensors
When PPG sets out to design a sequential gear system, it does so with an all-encompassing approach to produce products that offer ultimate performance on every level: from the moment the driver touches the shift-lever, to the delivery of power through the gearbox. For its latest range of high performance transmissions, PPG has chosen leading British research and development company Gill to provide non-contact rotary position sensors to measure shift position . VIDEO

"Working with PPG is exciting and exacting. Its applications push the boundaries of sensor technology and the intrinsic need for the highest level  of measurement and quality of products ensures we have to continually push forward  in order to maintain their standards."

John Clark, Head of Sales, Gill Sensors & Controls.

PPG push boundaries,for that they need technical partners like DC Electronics 

“The project we worked on with PPG went incredibly smoothly.  Their no nonsense, straight forward approach meant that we had all the information we needed to complete the job, without delay.  The team at PPG are very focused and a joy to work with!”

David Cunliffe, Managing Director, DC Electronics.

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