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Honda B-Series - 1st - 4th Straight Cut Synchro 

Designed to make a difference 



Honda B-Series - Straight Cut

1st - 4th Synchro Gear Set

In Stock, ready to ship

HO-BSYN-1654 2nd Gear Output.jpg
HO-BSYN-1655 3rd Gear Output.jpg


New Gear Set - New Options

Next Level Performance 


Honda B-Series - Straight Cut

1st - 4th Synchro Gear Set


  • 1st - 4th Gear Set

  • 1st - 2nd Gear Set

  • 3rd - 4th Gear Set

All Options fit the OEM gearbox final drive and 5th gears

The Right Upgrade For You!


Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, the new 1st-4th gear set has been conceived to offer you the option of replacement gears for a now discontinued product from Honda.


With smart design, you now have several options open to you with this new 1st-4th gear set.


The gear set can be install in three variations, either the full 1st-4th gears or split into two separate gear sets which allow 1st-2nd & 3rd-4th gears to be installed into the OEM gear set. 




Tech Spec 

  • Fits all: B-Series HONDA - B16 - B18 Gearboxes

  • Ratios - 1st 3.000 2nd 1.917 3rd 1.333 4th 1.045

  • Tooth Count - 1st 11/33 - 2nd 12/23 - 3rd 18/24 - 4th 22/23

  • Gear Profile - Straight Cut 

  • OEM Synchro Engagement 

  • Gear Material: Aerospace-grade steel for enhanced durability.

  • Gear Ratios: Precision-engineered ratios for optimal performance.

  • OEM Compatibility: Seamless fit with Honda B-Series platforms.

  • Installation Ease: User-friendly design for hassle-free installation.

  • Staged Upgrades: Modular options for gradual performance enhancement.

  • Precision Engineering: Meticulous craftsmanship for reliability.

  • Enhanced Durability: Resistant to wear and tear.

  • Versatile Application: Suitable for road and performance use.

  • Engineered for Excellence: Crafted with cutting-edge technology.

The B-Series Story


The Models: B16, B17, B18:

Over the years, the B-Series evolved with the introduction of the iconic B16, B17, and B18 engines, along with compatible gearboxes. These engines became legendary among enthusiasts for their high-revving capabilities and performance potential, with gearboxes tuned for precision.

Motorsport Success:

The B-Series engines found a natural home in motorsport, particularly in events like drag racing and road racing. Their robust design and gearbox options made them a favourite  among racers seeking both power and agility.

The Legacy Continues:

While the B-Series has been succeeded by newer engine platforms, its legacy endures. Enthusiasts and tuners still appreciate the B-Series for its aftermarket support and the potential to create high-performance machines, with gearbox options that complement their ambitions.

The History:

The Honda B-Series platform holds a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. Its rich history is a testament to Honda's commitment to innovation, performance, and reliability, both in its engines and gearbox offerings. Even as newer engines take the spotlight, the B-Series remains an iconic chapter in Honda's engineering excellence.


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