Speciality - Mitsubishi - Honda - Subaru

Handelsweg 7
MH Barneveld, Netherlands 3771

Speciality - Subaru

19-20 Brindley Road,

Hinckley, Leicester LE10 3BY

Tegiwa House, Sutherland Road

Stoke-on-Trent ST3 1HZ

Speciality - Mitsubishi - Subaru - Honda

Klastorpsslingan 4

Södertälje 152 42


Speciality - R35 GTR - Tremec - Nissan

Via Fontane 87 B

Villorba Treviso 31020


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PPG will only select a limited number of top-class distributor. This ensures the development of regional markets in each distributor area and therefore, provides an opportunity to add ongoing value to each business.

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