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Frequently asked questions

  • What oil should I use in my PPG gear set?
    We use and recommend MOTUL OIL. If you have dog engagement - Motul 75w-140 Gear Competition Oil If you have a synchro gearbox which has a differential as part of it: Motul FF-LSD Type 2 75w-90 or Motul 75w-140 Gear Competition Oil. If you have a synchro gearbox with no differential as part of it: Motul Gear 300 75w-90 or Motul 75w-140 Gear Competition Oil. If you have a synchro gearbox that specifies an ATF: Motul ATF VI If you are still unsure of the correct grade for your gearset, please email our sales team for further information.
  • Do you undertake custom jobs?
    In short, yes we do! We have an in-house design and engineering team that can help bring your project to life. We have the ability to undertake bespoke projects for new platforms on a exculisve basis to producting ten 1st gears for an old 1980's F1 car. Please contact our sales team in the first instance to discuss your project requirements.
  • I need to program my Blade Sensor, what do I need to do?"
    When programming the Blade Sensor you will require a few things. You will need a program cable for connection to the sensor and laptop. You will also need the software to access the sensor called Bladecom. Bladecom Software HERE We also have a Installation document to help with this process.
  • How do I connect with the sales team?
    Our preferred method of contact is email followed by a phone call. Office Number: +61 8 8285 2933 Sales Email:
  • I purchased a gearset that is no longer listed in your catalog. Am I able to get spares?
    We have a range of spare parts for discontinued products available at our site, though can't promise we have the part required. If out of stock, we are able to produce the part on a 'made to order' basis. Please get in touch with the team
  • Do you offer replacement gears, as opposed to an entire gearset?"
    Our entire active range is backed up by spare parts availability, available off the shelf on most products. We advise any active motorsports programs to order a minium of 3 weeks before parts are required, to allow for any unplanned transit delays. Contact our sales team to handle your spare parts order.
  • I'm having trouble with the online store, what do i do?"
    Our online store is currently in the process of being set up, and as such cannot process payments for orders at this time. Please get in touch with the sales team who will be happy to process your order for you.
  • When are we open?
    Australian Office - Our business hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday - Friday or by appointment. Sales Office - Operation Director - David Gammon -
    You can download the oil finder guide Here Use the MOTUL oil to suit your type of gearset. If you have any questions? please send our team a email and we will be happy to advise.
  • Sequential Gearset - Electronic Installation Guide
    This guide gives you a step by step guide to understanding and programming the unique Gill Blade Sensor we use. The document covers Understanding and Downloading - BLADECOM Making a connection to your Blade Sensor LCD Gear Display Programming Full Wiring Diagram Help Guide Download Here
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