NISSAN GT-R R32 R33 R34 


$16,999 USD

Ratio - 2.706 - 1.894 - 1.471 - 1.184 - 1.000 - 0.812

Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 - R33 - R34

6-speed Sequential Gear System Conversion

(from 5-speed H-pattern) 

We could ramble on about the ability of this sequential gear system for the NISSAN GT-R platform however sometimes feedback from customers tells you all you need to know and understand about the product. 

Quote from Andrew Hawkins 

In car video - Motive DVD 

In the last 15 years in the industry I’ve driven almost every sequential transmission and gear set available for the Skyline GT-R. When it came time to upgrade from the R34 6-speed in our R32 project car, I was asking a lot from the new transmission. Able to handle our current power levels and future power projections both at the drag strip and on the circuit, while at the same time, be easy to drive on the street in day to day traffic. I spent over 12-months researching and testing various transmission to make sure we used the best option on the market. The PPG 6-speed sequential transmission was the only choice. Quiet and smooth enough to drive in every day traffic,